The Sewer Separation Improvements Phase II includes a collection of various improvements throughout portions of the system. In each of the areas, lower cost improvements have been designed to improve high volume problems that impact the system during wet weather. The Sewer Separation improvements conducted in Phase I targeted creek crossings throughout the system as well as some of the lines that ran parallel and adjacent to the active streams. I and I problem sources were evident during the construction of Phase I. The Village realized a significant improvement to the wet weather flows due to this project. Phase II is a continuation of Phase I where sewers adjacent to creeks will be relined using Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP). IN addition to the sewer relining manhole rehabilitation will be conducted on lines improved in phased I and those that will be repaired in phase II. Manhole rehabilitation will also be conducted on failing manholes throughout the town. Phase II will also include pump replacement at the Davis Street pump Station. This pump station is the limiting factor in the amount of activity at CSOs #1 and #2. Recently, the pumps have been a source of significant maintenance due to fouling of the existing pumps. The proposed grinder pumps will be better suited to handle solids and will increase the maximum pumping capacity. The improvements will be funded through the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) administered through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA), Division of Environmental & Financial Assistance (DEFA). The funding is a low interest loan for the full amount of the project. The Public is invited to take this opportunity to review the PLANNING REPORT (click to view PDF) and provide comments or questions to the Village.


Crestline overflow elimination cover letter Crestline LER-FNSI overflow elimination


Please submit all questions and comments to the Village Administrator,
Mr. Marc Milliron. Please reference all submittals as the Sewer Separation Improvements Phase II.

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