Events in Crestline

Ralph Thauvette Summer Concert Series

Ralph Thauvette Summer Concert Series

All concerts will be held at the corner of Seltzer and Scott Street. Downtown restaurants will be open, and the concerts will take place within the Crestline DORA.  

In the event of inclement weather, an alternative venue will be announced prior to the concert. 

Here is the schedule of concerts. All concerts begin at 7 p.m.

  • Thursday May 30th – Get-A-Way Band 
  • Thursday June 6th – Steve Brown & Friends 
  • Thursday June 13th – Tom’s Kitchen Table 
  • Thursday June 20th – AFM 159 Concert Band 
  • Thursday June 27th – Kaptain Kurt 
  • Thursday July 11th – AFM 159 Big Jazz Band 
  • Thursdays July 18th – Baker 47 
  • Thursday July 25th – Redemption Jazz Dixieland Band 
  • Thursday August 1st – The Gatlin’s 
  • Thursday August 8th – Suburban Brass Quintet 
  • Thursday August 22nd – CONNE 
  • Thursday August 29th – David Berry Band

Of the 12 FREE concerts, three of them will coincide with “Second Thursdays in Crestline”, which is sponsored by the Galion-Crestline Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Total Solar Eclipse Event

Monday, April 8, 2024

Total Solar Eclipse event in Crestline, Ohio

Crestline is a prime viewing location for the 2024 Total Eclipse Event.  We are being asked to prepare for double our population during the day of the event.  Emergency Preparations are in process between the Village Administration, Police, Fire, Crawford County Emergency Management Agency, Jefferson Township Fire Department and the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

Strategic Placement of Emergency Personnel are being scheduled to ensure that the response times are not increased during the event. 

Traffic Control is being planned to keep main roads open and NO PARKING will be allowed on Main Street, Park Road, or Crestline Road the day of the event for Emergency Transportation Routes in and out of town.

The Village has designated four spots for viewing of the Eclipse to assist in dispersing visitors to areas away from the residential areas and to control traffic in and out of town.  Those areas are …   

  1. Jaycee Pond    
  2. Kelly Park  
  3. Hamilton Park        
  4. Old Hutson Stadium

An Emergency Operations Command will be set up for increased communications and service to the village during the event. 

Residents should expect the following challenges on April 8, 2024:

  1. Increased Traffic throughout town.
  2. Potential traffic pattern changes depending on the amount of traffic.
  3. Delays in phone response times and availability to make calls due to increased call volume on the cell towers.
  4. Prepare prior to the event for local supply chain shortages ie; fuel, groceries, medicines, etc.
  5. Be prepared for nocturnal movement of animals.
  6. Wear only approved eye protection to view the eclipse.
  7. Complete any errands or appointments prior to that Monday.
  8. Prepare for potentially double the local population.
  9. Be vigilant “See something Say something.”