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The Village of Crestline Building and Zoning Department has undergone several changes in 2023.  To move within compliance with the Ohio Department of Commerce’s requirements to keep a building department, the residential building department has been contracted with the Richland County Building Department and all plumbing oversight is handled by the Richland County Department of Public Health.  All applicable building and plumbing questions should be referred to those agencies respectively.  Contact information will be provided below with the appropriate forms under each agency’s information.

Zoning Certificates and questions are still handled in house by the village.  If you have questions regarding zoning and property maintenance, please contact the village office for assistance.  All building and zoning forms and maps from the village have been transferred to this webpage for an all-in-one location format. 

Appeals of decisions made by the zoning official are handled by the Crestline Board of Zoning Appeals.  Matters are heard on a case-by-case basis and meetings scheduled as needed.  The Board of Zoning Appeals is appointed from residents and business owners of the community and are not elected positions. 

Residential Building Department
(Richland County Building Department)

Richland County Building Department Website

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 419-774-5517
Fax: 419-774-6317
Emergencies: Dial 911


1495 West Longview Ave., Suite 202A
Mansfield, OH 44906

Residential Building Permit
Residential Building Permit Fees

Plumbing Department
(Richland County Department of Public Health)

Richland County Public Health Website


Richland Public Health
555 Lexington Avenue
Mansfield, Ohio 44907

Main Phone: 419-774-4500

Richland County Plumbing Contractors Registration Form
Richland County Public Health Plumbing Permit