Law Department

Village of Crestline Law Department

Phone: 419-683-3800

Bailey Higgins
Village Solicitor: Bailey Higgins
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Village Prosecutor: Thomas Meagher

The Village of Crestline Law Department is comprised of two sections; the civil side which is handled by our appointed Village Solicitor, and the criminal prosecution side which is handled by a contract with the Crawford County Prosecutor’s Office.  The Magistrate is appointed by the Mayor with consent of Village Council.  The civil side of the solicitor’s position handles litigation, counsel, and review to the Village Administration and Village Council.  The prosecution side of the department handles all prosecutions through the Village of Crestline Mayor’s Court and Crawford County Municipal Court.    

The Law Department advises that anyone threatening legal action against the village will forfeit their right to speak to the staff members and will be required to communicate directly with the Village Solicitor on matters going forward. 

Inquiries and/or information on contacting the Law Department should be directed to [email protected] or contact the Village of Crestline’s Mayor’s Court.  Please be advised that this email is not monitored on a daily basis.

Reports and Services from the Law Department