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Guidance for Private Swimming Pools

Child laughing in a swimming pool

When locating your private swimming pool, be sure to follow these requirements of the Crestline Property Maintenance Code:

Make sure the pool is located in the back yard or side yard. Do not place a private pool in the front yard.

The swimming pool shall be enclosed completely by a wall or fence constructed so as to prevent uncontrolled access. The fence or wall shall not be less than four (4’) feet in height and shall have a self-closing and self-latching gate. The self-latching device is to be a minimum of 54 inches above the bottom of the gate and the release mechanism shall be located on the pool side of the gate.

All lights for the pool shall be located so as to confine the direct beam to the parcel on which the pool is located.

The pool shall be located at least five (5′) feet from any property line.

All swimming pools require a permit prior to installation.

A private spa or hot tub with a lockable cover and garden ponds shall not be considered a “swimming pool” subject to the provisions of the property maintenance code.  

Crestline Electric Aggregation Program

The Village of Crestline has renewed the Electric Aggregation Program.

In 2003 the Village of Crestline voted to take advantage of the group buying power to purchase electricity from a retail electric generation supplier. The Village of Crestline has renewed the community’s electric aggregation program to obtain exclusive pricing on the electric generation portion of your electric bill.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

– Do I need to do anything to join the program?

  Answer:  No, if they do nothing, they will automatically be placed into the program.  This is an “Opt-Out” Program, so they would only send the post card in, if they did not want to participate.

– Why am I getting this card, if I’m already in the program?

Answer:  Per the State of Ohio, an Opt-Out notice must be sent to all participants every 3 years to allow them an opportunity to leave the program, if they choose to. Supplemental opt out notices are also sent out periodically, to newly eligible customers or customers who have moved into the program territory.

– Is there a fee to join the program?

Answer: There is no fee to join.

– Has anything changed with the program?

Answer: No. The rate, supplier and term all remain the same.  This is simply information, as required by the State.

– What is the rate?

Answer: For residential customers the rate is 6% off the Price to Compare and for Small Business customers the rate is 4% off the Price to Compare.

For any questions concerning the terms of service please call First Energy Solutions at 1-888-254-6359 (toll-free) Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST.

Sign up for Crestline and Crawford Alerts

Sign up for Crestline and Crawford Alerts! In the event of an emergency, boil advisory, or severe weather condition, an alert may be sent to the phone number provided by voice, text and/or email.

This is a free service provided by Crawford County, OH, however, normal message fees may apply. To receive text messages to your cell phone, your cell phone must have text messaging capabilities. Notifications are dependent upon external providers (phone carrier, cell phone, email). Crawford County cannot guarantee notifications will be received by the intended recipient.

Alerts sent from Crawford Alerts will originate from 69310 for text messages and (419)563-1870 for phone calls. Please be sure to save these in your phone under Crestline Alerts.

*Message and Data rates may apply.

*Text “HELP” to 69310 for help.

Be sure to choose the alerts for Crestline Village and the specific weather alerts you would like to receive.